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  • "Satya Bharti School taught me that my role is not just of a teacher but also a learner. I gained a lot of knowledge through the training programs of Bharti Foundation."

    Former Teacher, Satya Bharti School, Alampattu, Sivaganga (Tamil Nadu)

  • "My daughter Mansi started her education at Satya Bharti School, Panwan (Sangrur). She received good education and the Satya Bharti School Program helped her sustain the same through her admission into the Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Jhaneri (Sangrur). Mansi has scored 10 CGPA at the Class X board exam this year. I am thankful to the teachers of Satya Bharti School who worked hard and helped Mansi score such good marks."

    Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Jhaneri, Sangrur

  • "I have had the pleasure and opportunity to visit Satya Bharti Schools in various states across the country. The impact that the Satya Bharti Schools are making, though silent, is remarkably pronounced. This school is an example of what can be achieved through focus and execution with discipline and dedication. Congratulations to all the people at the ground level who have made this happen."

    Governing Board Member, Bharti Foundation & Co- Founder and Director, Rural Shores Business Services Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Senior Partner, Country Head, Strategic Growth Markets- Ernst & Young, India)

  • "Congratulations to Satya Bharti Schools for pioneering and scaling a unique education program that has quietly and resolutely shaped thousands of young lives in India. Underprivileged children from rural areas now have a wonderful opportunity to experience high-quality schooling, this in turn gives them a chance to compete and excel with others from more privileged backgrounds. This program's strong focus on sports and character building is especially refreshing in today's pedantic and syllabus driven education system, I am confident it will help produce stronger and more rounded leaders for our country."

    Governing Board Member, Bharti Foundation & Jt Managing Director Hero MotoCorp Limited & Chairman Hero Corporate Services Private Limited

  • "Creating a finer generation of young minds and citizens is vitally dependent on one factor. The exposure to learning through teachers that excite and inspire a student to be curious, independent, able and humane. Teachers trained to enjoy the knowledge they impart, transmit the joy and the appetite to learn alive, and do make it happen. All the while discovering the special spark in each child, so that excellence can then be enjoyably pursued. At the Satya Bharti Schools it is elating to see this in process, enthusing the Bharti Foundation to keep training of Faculty a top priority. The kudos that come through results and awards are yet another spur - and may that always remain so."

    Governing Board Member, Bharti Foundation & Member Haj Committee of India - MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) GOI, Creative Communications Consultant

  • "Vocational Education and Skill Development are the top priority of the Government of India. The plan is to train 300 million Skilled personnel by the year 2022 (Skill India Mission). The Skilled Personnel is the critical requirement for "Make IN INDIA" program and the Infrastructure Development (again a top priority of the Government of India). The Vocational programs are available through Industrial Training Institutions (ITI's) (2 to 3 year program after class X) and Short term programs (up to 6 months) run by the Government and the Industry. The part time Vocational programs being offered in the Satya Bharti Senior Secondary Schools is a very good starting point. As the country develops, the employability and salary levels of people with Vocational Education and training will get better and better. Therefore, Vocational Education is an excellent opportunity for youngsters, who enjoy working on shop floor and at project sites."

    Governing Board Member, Bharti Foundation & Former Director, IIT Delhi, Professor and Dean, IIT Madras