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Vikram Singh - OUR CHILD HERO

Vikram and his tryst with Science

Vikram Singh is a 12-year-old boy hailing from a small village called Itadiya based in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. His father, Ashu Singh, a farmer, also has to work in his village as construction laborer in order to make ends meet. Ashu had never seen the inside of a school.

Vikram, who was considered a bright student by his teachers, had to drop out of school in year 2012 due to unavoidable circumstances and did not gain any education for a period of two years. He, however, had a strong desire to continue his formal education, just that the challenges in continuing at the same level as earlier given the two-year gap was a major determining factor, since his classmates had gone ahead. It was then that Vikram was introduced to an Education Volunteer (EV) working with the Satya Bharti Learning Centre; the EV persuaded Vikram to join the Learning Centre where Vikram would undergo training in a fast-track manner and ensure that he makes up for the lost time.

Discovering the aptitude for science shown by Vikram during his tenure at the Satya Bharti Learning Centre, Vikram was given extra support to appear for the District Level Science Quiz being organized by the Education Department of Barmer district.

Vikram not only participated in this quiz that was held on February 28, 2017 but also won the quiz resoundingly and validated the importance of continued education.

Vikram indeed upholds the essence of the Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program and its mission to bridge the education gap of out-of-school children and to mainstream them into regular schools.

For his outstanding performance in the quiz, Vikram was also felicitated by the Head Master of the Government School based in Itadiya.