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Satya Bharti Quality Support Program-Details


Program Approach

Satya Bharti Quality Support Program DetailsUnder the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, Bharti Foundation works along with Government schools, its leadership and teachers, to support them in articulating and achieving their goals towards creating better schooling experience for their students. The program is developed around the principle of building on the existing wealth of knowledge among teachers, their passion for teaching and the success of their students. Bharti Foundation initiates a dialogue and continuously engages with various stakeholders of the schools to evoke aspirations, identify needs, ways to bridge critical gaps and set goals to develop schools into institutions of learning and nurturing for the all-round growth of students.
The program adopts a two-pronged approach to facilitate the desired change. It optimizes on the existing strengths and provides catalytic support to bridge gaps identified by the schools’ leadership team, ensuring that the schools experience success by building on their own capabilities and motivation.

Students of Satya Bharti Quality Support Program

Classroom Under Satya Bharti Quality Support Program



Key Pillars of Intervention - Satya Bharti Quality Support Program

Empowerment of School Leaders

Empowered and Engaged Students

Key Pillars of Intervention

The intervention focuses on the following four critical pillars for enhancing school effectiveness and providing optimum quality in education:

  1. Empowerment of School leaders and teachers is key to forming an institution of learning. Bharti Foundation partners with the school leaders and strives to infuse fresh energy in the school by providing rich exposure and experiences to the teachers, encouraging them to aspire for higher goals. Teachers undertake a variety of initiatives, which help them acquire new learning, build new perspectives, take on new responsibilities, achieve personal success and gain confidence to set new benchmarks for the success of their students.
  1. Empowered and engaged students illustrate the quality of a school. Our endeavour is to energise students through meaningful knowledge construction as well as by building capabilities to deal with the challenges of daily life, hence preparing them with quality education. We encourage teachers to facilitate their students to take informed decisions by reflecting on their personal values and goals. To achieve this, school based interventions are planned including student events, exposure visits, life skill workshops, lecture series, formation of student clubs, etc. We believe that the development of skills in a conscious manner has a huge impact on enhancing and strengthening an individual’s potential. These events not only build confidence among students but also hone the required life skills of students. The energy thus generated is leveraged by the proactive teachers to improve academic performance of the students, thus developing the child holistically.
  1. Stakeholder engagement works best where relationship and trust is built over time. Engaging with parents, community members, district administration officials and education department officials helps to establish the efficacy of school processes. Satya Bharti Quality Support Program works at involving all stakeholders in school activities, helping them realize their responsibility and take ownership in contributing towards the school’s growth, and overall improvisation in the quality education. Conscious efforts are made to remove apathy and infuse interest in the stakeholders by planning events and meetings at regular intervals.
  2. A stimulating school environment contributes towards the learning and wellbeing of the students. Satya Bharti Quality Support Program facilitates schools to reinforce their extant resources and also explore the feasibility of options for improvement. The Program works towards facilities of the concerned schools to ensure an environment that is conducive to the teaching learning process. The school’s leadership is encouraged to access available Government schemes / funds as well as support from local community leaders to develop and sustain a positive school environment.


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