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Satya Bharti Learning Centres Program-Details


Program Approach
The Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program has been designed to ensure complete convergence with the Government’s initiatives towards bringing Out of School Children back into schools, with free education facilities. Hence, the approach adopted under this program is:

  1. To collaborate with the existing system and ensure optimum utilisation of available infrastructure and resources.
  2. To create a pool of human resource at the local level to sustain activities even after project withdrawal. Satya Bharti Learning Centres are set up to provide remedial education to Out of School Children for developing age appropriate learning competencies, without adding any financial burden on their families by providing free education. These centres are currently operational in partnership with the respective State Government and established within Government Schools. Designed to offer three/six/nine/twelve month remedial courses to develop age-appropriate competencies, each centre has one trained Education Volunteer who caters to an average of 12 to 20 children per centre. The monitoring staff for 50 centres comprise of a Cluster In Charge and a Cluster Assistant.

The building blocks of the program are as follows:

  • Identification, Appointment and Training of Education Volunteers
    Satya Bharti Learning Centres are located in remote rural regions where recruiting competent Education Volunteers (EVs) is often a challenge. The Foundation identifies volunteers who have an inherent passion for teaching. Each Education Volunteer undergoes a ten day training program which includes undertaking surveys, counselling techniques, various aspects of multi-grade teaching, creation of innovative Teaching Learning Material (TLM) as well as carrying out effective assessments.
  • Identification and Enrolment of Out of School Children in Village
    A village level household survey is conducted by Education Volunteers to identify Out of School Children in villages. Education Volunteers then counsel parents from the local communities to send their wards to the school. The identified children are provided age-appropriate class admissions in the Government Schools. Remedial/bridge courses are imparted at the Satya Bharti Learning Centres till they gain age-appropriate class competencies.
  • Classroom for Satya Bharti Learning Centre
    Selected Government Schools provide classrooms for setting up centers in the villages identified with a high number of Out of School Children.
  • Student Preparation for Assessment
    With the help of baseline assessments, Education Volunteers identify the level of understanding and knowledge of the Out of School Children enrolled in the centres. Thereafter, learning groups are formed to develop age-appropriate learning competencies. To undertake multi-grade teaching, the Education Volunteers plan and create need-based Teaching Learning Material.
  • Mainstreaming of Enrolled Students
    Although even after getting the education free under right to education, mainstreaming of the enrolled students is the most critical aspect of the program. Education Volunteers pay close attention to prepare each student for the end-line assessment undertaken by the Government in order to successfully mainstream each child.
  • Instilling Community Ownership
    To ensure that the enrolled students remain in school, regular parent counselling and community mobilization events are conducted to build awareness as well as community ownership.


Satya Bharti Learning Centres Program Details

Student Preparation for Assessment


Classroom for Satya Bharti Learning Centre

Regular Parent Counselling at Satya Bharti Learning Centres Program


Key Engagements

Key Engagements - Satya Bharti Learning Centres Program

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