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Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program

Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program was started in 2013, with the aim of identifying and mainstreaming Out-of-School Children at primary level, in the rural areas of India, by offering remedial/ bridge courses in collaboration with the Government.

As part of the program, children in remote villages, who had never been to school or had dropped-out were identified and admitted in Government schools. Compensatory education to these children was provided to bridge the learning gaps such that they could get absorbed in age-appropriate grades.

The success of this program can be credited to the joint and collaborative action of the Foundation, government, community partners and teachers at different levels of its functioning. It achieved what it set out for - to create and bring the Out-of-School Children into the mainstream and offer them equal opportunity through quality education, free of charge. As the program gets integrated into the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program, the endeavors to reform and contribute to the rural education will continue, as part of the latter.

1,522 Centres (23 operational; 1499 closed)
Three states
37,500 students impacted out of which
are mainstreamed
517 current enrollment
49% girls
Data as on 31st March 2018

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