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S. Jeyanthi Malliga

Teacher, Satya Bharti School, Vadakudi
Sivaganga (Tamil Nadu)

Empowered by the processes and trainings provided under the Satya Bharti School Program, S. Jeyanthi Malliga from Vadakudi village (Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu) pledged to transform seemingly average students into all-round achievers. Armed with her commitment, Jeyanthi adopted various innovative methods to strengthen English language skills  of children within the rural context.  

By no means was her task easy, as majority of the students in the village were first generation learners and there was no external stimulus to practice English. While the students scored high in terms of sincerity, regularity and obedience, the lack of practice at home or in the community posed a serious challenge. To overcome this, Jeyanthi crafted various extra-curricular activities, interactive charts and games that encouraged the children to talk and write in English while at school. With Jeyanthi constantly guiding their grammatical skills, the students even began to narrate stories from their daily life in English! Soon a healthy competition blossomed amongst the peers as they vied for that scented eraser or a colourful pencil from their favourite Jeyanthi ma’am as a reward for top performance!

Gradually, the evidence of change was for all to see, with improvement in both learning levels and reading abilities among students. Today, Jeyanthi’s happiness knows no bounds as she proudly witnesses her students conversing and even debating in English!