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Mamta Meena

Teacher, Satya Bharti School, Baas Ki Dhani, Amer, District Jaipur, Rajasthan

Mamta Meena, a teacher teaching at Satya Bharti School, Baas Ki Dhani in Amer met a young girl, Ankita, during one of the household surveys carried out in villages falling within the vicinity of Satya Bharti Schools. On enquiring further about Ankita, Mamta learnt about the unfortunate demise of Ankita’s father, which consequently also forced her to drop out of school.

Listening to Ankita’s story, Mamta could very well empathize with her, more so because even Mamta had lost her parents at a young age, causing her to face a lot of hardships. This was the spark that compelled Mamta to resolve to turn around her tough situation into a lesson of strength. Mamta, thereafter, started putting in her best efforts to convince Ankita’s mother to make her join back schooling. After some initial resistance, Mamta’s perseverance finally won. However, the mother put a condition – she would send Ankita back to school only if there were enough children from the neighborhood to accompany Ankita on her way to school. Determined to bring Ankita and other out-of-school children back into school, Mamta started trying hard to convince other parents in the village too. Soon, her efforts yielded results, leading to not just Ankita but a number of other children getting admitted into school.

Though Ankita resumed her schooling, she initially remained shy and under-confident. On observing the same, Mamta made every effort possible to make her settling period smooth. She gave extra time to Ankita for her studies, also encouraging her to actively participate in extra-curricular activities. It’s now been almost a year since Ankita joined back school. Today, she is a transformed girl – a confident student, exceling not just in academics but also quite active in games and other cultural activities.

Bharti Foundation is proud to have dedicated teachers like Mamta Meena who are always ready to support children in every manner possible and leave no stone unturned to turn their dreams into reality!