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Archana Chaudhary

Satya Bharti School, Lordi, Jodhpur

Hell broke loose for Archana Chaudhary a 10 year old girl, when she heard her father and grandfather’s decision to marry her off. The student of Class VI from Satya Bharti School, decided to stand up against this evil practice. Indoctrinated by the age old tradition of the village, her parents were adamant on the decision. Archana failed to convince them against the decision, and then finally decided to take help of her teacher. Next day, Archana narrated her ordeal to the class teacher. After hearing her story, the teacher decided to rescue her from becoming a victim of child marriage. She personally visited Archana’s home and not only informed her parents about the legal ramifications of child marriage bout also discussed the ill effects of marriage on the healt of minor girls. Along with her teacher, Archana reminded her parents about the oath they took of not letting Archana to ever drop her studies. The counseling by teacher and consistent persuasion by Archana compelled her parents to drop the idea of her marriage.