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Students in Jodhpur run door-to-door campaign - bring 19 drop-out children back to school!

Young out-of-school girls and boys working in their homes or picking up odd jobs had become a common sight in Tulesar village in Jodhpur District of Rajasthan. Working to ease their parents’ financial burden is a path trodden more often by these children than going to school. Owing to this, the dropout rates at Satya Bharti School, Tulesar, were swiftly increasing and consistent attendance rates rapidly falling. Students of Class V grew deeply concerned with this, specially since a large number of their peers chose to drop out of school.

The compassionate group of students from Satya Bharti School, Tulesar  decided to launch a campaign to bring their peers back into school. The campaign titled, ‘Aa Ab Laut Chale’ targeted 35 drop-out students. With the support of their school teachers, the campaign focused on increasing awareness on the benefits of education and its lifelong impact. With the help of the Village Sarpanch, the students visited the homes of their former schoolmates and motivated them to return to school, simultaneously convincing their families. In their efforts to encourage the drop-outs to return to school, the campaigners also helped them get ready in the mornings, while constantly encouraging them. 

As a result of the campaign, a total of 19 drop-outs returned to school and are now  attending school regularly while displaying enhanced learning levels. The mainstreamed students are now reaching out to other out-of-school children in their village to spread the joys of learning and its future benefits.

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