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Gleam Of Hope In Sultangarh

Sultangarh (Alwar district, Rajasthan), a village settled by a snake charmer on a small hill in the middle of a jungle and originally called Sapera Basti, has lived in poverty since being established. For the longest time, the only occupation families settled in the village were engaged in was snake charming. Extreme poverty also forced many people to opt for begging or hunting wild animals in the jungle. But that wasn't the only factor that caused the village to suffer for decades. Lack of education and awareness among the people led t...

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A Man's Iron Will To Learn and Teach

I come from a village where people could hardly afford a two-square meal for their children. People here used to ask, how does it matter if children went to school or not? Because, children did not even have adequate clothes and footwear.

I too was born in a poor family, where my father was the sole bread earner. Despite the difficulties, he ensured that I and all my siblings had access to education. He used to say – ‘Poverty is no excuse for not getting an education.’

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