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How We Operate
The Working Model: Satya Bharti Schools
The day-to-day operations determine the success of a program. At Bharti Foundation, efforts are driven towards taking effective operational decisions and ensuring their successful implementation at the ground level. We have put in place various interventions that guarantee the smooth functioning of the program as well as the delivery of quality education in the Satya Bharti Schools.

Two-shift Schools
Mid-day Meal
A Robust Organization Structure
Alignment towards Holistic Development at Satya Bharti Schools

Two-shift Schools

The Satya Bharti Schools follow a two-shift system where classrooms, teachers and other facilities are utilized optimally by all students at any given point of time, so as to increase the efficiency of the system with minimum infrastructural costs.

The primary schools have classes from Pre-Primary to Class V and require six classrooms to accommodate all students at one time. However, each Satya Bharti School building has a minimum set of three classrooms and one teacher per class of 35 students. Hence, the schools are run in two shifts to ensure that all students have a designated classroom and are not put up in make-shift classrooms. The shift system also allows for individual attention given to all children and optimum use of infrastructure and various TLMs (Teaching Learning Materials) used in classroom interactions.

Mid-day Meal

Free mid-day meals are an important constituent of the Satya Bharti School Program. Planned in consultation with a nutritionist and mostly cooked by mothers of children in the school, these meals provide age appropriate nutrition to children and are customized to suit local tastes. The meals act as a boost to enrollment and daily attendance. It also helps in breaking down caste barriers with all children enjoying the meal together in a common space. Students are taught hygiene and sanitation practices like washing of hands, cleanliness etc. as a part of the eating process.

A Robust Organization Structure

At School level
Each school has a Head Teacher and a Class Teacher for each class.

At Cluster level
Each cluster of schools is headed by a Cluster Co-ordinator who is responsible for the quality of education and overall functioning of the schools under his supervision. He is supported by a team of Volunteer Teachers who are substitutes for absent teachers and cater to weaker students in the cluster.

At the State and District level
The state office is headed by the State Head. It represents all the critical functions such as Finance, HR, Training and Quality and provides support at the implementation level. The State Team, consisting of State Heads, Program Coordinators, District Coordinators and Cluster Coordinators directly deal with the operational implementation of the program.

Alignment towards Holistic Development at Satya Bharti Schools

Holistic Development of children forms the core pillar of our quality rural education initiative enabling a child to reach her unique personal, physical, cognitive, emotional and social potential. The teaching-learning process in the Satya Bharti Schools is classified into scholastic and co-scholastic sections, facilitating all-round development of children both in the classroom and through active engagement with the community surroundings.

    Four key approaches have been introduced to facilitate this intent:       
Integrated - At the Satya Bharti Schools, all aspects of education are seen as having an integrated relationship to personal, social, emotional and physical development of the students. However the cognitive domain remains the central focus of the school program and all other aspects are built into a larger framework.
Constructive - This approach considers education as a tool for inculcating thought processes and bringing about positive changes in mind sets, life-skills and behavioral practices among children.
Value Based - A value-based approach is delivered through a curriculum that encompasses values and life skills so that each child can internalize and actualize the learning.
Community Centric - Establishing linkages with the community and immediate surroundings has a vital positive impact on the learning process of children. Hence the program emphasizes on helping students establish a deep connect with the community and understand the environment in a wider perspective to bring about positive social transformation in their respective villages.

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