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About Bharti Foundation


About Bharti Foundation

"As a first step towards fulfilling the vision of the Government and the leadership of the country, Bharti has kick-started its voluntary and affirmative action in making significant contribution to provide education to the weaker sections of the society, so as to make them employable. We need to ensure that our children and young people have access to quality education. Through Bharti Foundation we are determined to make a substantial impact in this area."
Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal,
Founder and Chairman, Bharti Enterprises
Chairman, Bharti Foundation
"As a responsible corporate citizen, we have decided to substantially scale up our existing programs in the area of education, in order to support the aspirations of under-privileged in the country."
Mr. Rakesh Bharti Mittal,
Vice Chairman, Bharti Enterprises
Co-Chairman, Bharti Foundation
Quality education is the most powerful tool for socio-economic transformation of a country. It not only eradicates poverty but also ensures equity among people. Therefore, ensuring access to quality education for all, in particular for underprivileged children from disadvantaged and marginalized communities, is of immense significance for overall development of India.

It was to partake in this journey towards quality education that Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, was set up in 2000. The Foundation implements and supports quality education programs across primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education levels.

All educational programs initiated by Bharti Foundation entail close partnerships with the government, policy makers, corporations, local communities and the general public. These programs aim at holistic development of children making them employable citizens with a deep sense of commitment to society. The intent is to develop a scalable and sustainable education model that can be replicated on a large scale by the government, educational institutions and like-minded organizations.


Vision and Mission

To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential

Committed to creating and supporting programs that bring about sustainable changes through education and use of technology

To improve the accessibility and quality of education across rural India
To provide education and training opportunities to the youth of our country in order to make them employable



Bharti Foundation Milestones: Evolution of the Program

Having completed 14 years of operations in 2014, if we reflect on the nature of programs of Bharti Foundation, we see them evolving in scale, depth as well as its approach.

Starting as a grant-making organization for the initial few years, Bharti Foundation decided to implement its own program, retaining education as its key focus. It was then that the Satya Bharti School Program was launched in Punjab as the first state. These were the Greenfield Schools which were built, managed and operated by Bharti Foundation on land provided by Panchayats or community members. Currently, of the 254 schools, 200 are Greenfield Schools initiated with primary classes.

Moving forward, the Foundation planned a new model of intervention in partnership with the Rajasthan Education Initiative (REI) of the state government. The school adoption model was conceptualized under this initiative. 49 government schools were adopted, of which 12 were elementary schools, where the Foundation is responsible for management, operations and financial requirements of the schools. The government provides partial fnancial support by extending existing government schemes like mid-day meals, text books and development grants etc. government schools have been adopted under this model in Alwar and Jaipur districts of Rajasthan.

The Foundation participated in the Public Private Partnership model of the Punjab government, under which five senior secondary schools have been set up under the Adarsh School Scheme. Under this scheme, in addition to the land being provided on a long term lease, the government is also providing 50% of capital expenses and 70% of operational expenses per child.

To ensure continued education for the children, the Foundation decided to initiate elementary education in selected primary schools. It was with the support of partners like Google, the Foundation was able to upgrade 50 of its 200 primary schools to elementary level, taking the total number of elementary schools to 62, including 12 Rajasthan government schools. In 2012-13, the Foundation decided to take the learning and best practices from the Satya Bharti School Program to the government system to provide quality education for children in those schools. Two models have been introduced as pilots:
Quality Support Program: It aims to support the government schools towards improving the overall quality of schooling experience. Our teams engage with the government school staff and work along with them to enhance the quality of education through need-based interventions. This partnership focuses on optimal utilization of government resources and sharing of best practices.
Satya Bharti Learning Centres: The Foundation has participated in the prestigious international project with Educate a Child, a new global initiative, launched by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Doha, Qatar to bring out of school children back into schools and ensure continued quality education for children. Bharti Foundation has been chosen as one its global strategic partners in India.

Our Legal Status

Bharti Foundation is established under the Laws of India with charitable status pursuant to a "Deed of Trust" dated August 7, 2000, registered at New Delhi on August 25, 2000 under the Registration Act 1908.  

The corporate office is at Bharti Crescent, 1 Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj- Phase II, New Delhi.

The organization was granted a certificate under section 80(G)(5) of the Income Tax Act 1961, applicable to charitable non-profit organization, on January 21, 2008.


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About Bharti Foundation
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