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Sapna - The Torchbearer

I want to become an IAS Officer to uplift the poor and serve my country

Sapna Chauhan, Alumnus, Satya Bharti Govt. Upper Primary School, Basai Bhopal Singh,
Neemrana (Rajasthan)

  • Sapna and her family fight a daily battle against their challenging socio-economic conditions coupled with the anguish of her ailing parents and daily household chores that had an impact on Sapna’s studies.
  • Realising this, the Satya Bharti School teachers gave her constant motivation and support to help Sapna improve her academic performance.
  • With determination and encouragement, Sapna surged ahead of her class, winning ‘Star of the Month’ and even scored a 92% in her Class 10 Board examinations.

Sapna Chauhan comes from the remote village of Basai Bhopal Singh in Neemrana district (Rajasthan). Her family fights a daily battle against their challenging socio-economic conditions coupled with the anguish of parents with ailing health. While school is a centre of all activities, Sapna spent a lot of her study time helping her sick parents and attending to household chores. Four years ago at the tender age of 12 she was unable to cope with so many responsibilities on her young shoulders because of which, she remained an average student in school.

The teachers at Satya Bharti Government Upper Primary School, Basai Bhopal Singh (Rajasthan) knew that constant motivation and support was necessary for Sapna to improve her performance. They left no stone unturned to guide the child towards a successful schooling experience. Gradually, their efforts began to bear fruit, Sapna’s academic performance improved to the point that she began winning several school awards including ‘Star of the Week’, ‘Star of the Month’ as well as certificates for subject excellence.

The constant encouragement drove her to work harder in school and soon she was awarded the coveted ‘Bharti Foundation Girl Child Achiever Award’. Sapna continued her success story, scoring 95% in Class VIII and 92% in Class X. Her performance was well noted by the district administration and she was recognised at a Government award program where she was given a laptop.

After graduating from her Satya Bharti Govt. Upper Primary School in Class VIII, she continued her educational journey and is currently a high performing student of Class XI at a Government school nearby. Sapna dreams of becoming an IAS Officer and serving the underprivileged in her community. Even now she continues to inspire girls at her alma mater with the determination and courage she showed to achieve a stellar performance.

Story sourced by:
Mr. Rajaram Yadav,
Head Teacher