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Rani – The Path-Breaker

Rani Goyal, Student, Satya Bharti School, Shergarh, Jodhpur

My  Dream  of  a  good  education  is  a  reality   today”  

Rani Goyal, Student, Satya Bharti School, Shergarh, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

  • Daughter of a stone cutter in Shergarh, Rani never dreamed of being in a school.
  • The eldest in the family, Rani took responsibilities of taking care of her blind mother, her younger siblings and carrying out household chores.
  • Now a student of class 7 and the class monitor, Rani becomes an inspiration for many.

Rani Goyal belongs to the marginalised Bhil Community, wherein awareness on the importance of education is low and providing education to girls is rare. Her father, Goma Ram ekes out a living as a labourer at a local stone quarry, while her mother is visually challenged. Being the oldest of three siblings, the task of domestic chores and errands fell on young Rani’s shoulders.

Not long ago, while taking the cattle out to graze, Ranisaw many children from her village happily rushing to school. This scene left a strong impression on her, kindling an intense desire to study. Due to the constraints of the community she lived in, Rani was hesitant to openly discuss her wish.  

Initially, her father dismissed her request, arguing that their community consider education irrelevant for girls. This did not deter Rani and she reinforced her efforts to convince her father. When Goma Ram learned that Satya Bharti Schools provide quality education, completely free of cost and maintain a strong emphasis on the safety and other needs of the girl students, his opinion began to change and he ultimately agreed to let Rani study.

Rani continued to fulfil her commitments at home; while extending herself to school work beyond the expectations of her teachers. She completed all her household chores early morning before setting out for school on a long and difficult route. Her hard work was recognized by her school and she was appointed as Head Girl and has won several student awards over the years.

Today, Rani has successfully motivated her siblings and many out of school children to enrol at her Satya Bharti School. Rani is regarded as a role model by many girls in her village, who have followed her path-breaking journey to quality education at the Satya Bharti School.

Story sourced by:
Mr. Shri Ram,
Head Teacher