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Nisha’s Determination

Nisha Rani, Student, Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Rauni, Ludhiana (Punjab)

My teachers encourage me to dream big

Nisha Rani, Student, Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Rauni, Ludhiana (Punjab)

  • Burdened with poverty, Nisha and her siblings were forced to support their parents meagre income by selling incense sticks.
  • Learning about the dismal conditions Nisha and her family lived in, the Satya Bharti School teachers counselled her parents to send their children to school.
  • Upon enrolment, the teachers saw a mass improvement in Nisha’s confidence and health due to the free mid-day meals being provided.
  • Today, she is excellent at academics and wishes to start her own business venture in the future.

After migrating from Bihar to Punjab, Nisha lived with her parents and five siblings in the outskirts of Rauni in rural Ludhiana. Her father, a victim of poverty and substance abuse is unable to provide a regular income to sustain the family. The burden of running the household fell on Nisha’s mother who works as a domestic help. To supplement this meagre income the children also took up the petty job of packing incense sticks.

The dismal living conditions of the family moved the teachers of Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Rauni when they met them. Knowing that the only way out for the family was the path of education, the teachers started counselling Nisha’s mother, urging her to send her children to their school where quality education was provided to underprivileged children, completely free of cost. She was not keen to send them to school as that meant loss of income for the already struggling family. However, the teachers were able to convince her explaining that the long term benefits of an education would far outweigh illiteracy.

In the beginning, Nisha remained physically weak and subdued in her engagement with teachers and peers. Committed to reverse the misery she had experienced, they would provide her with additional stationery, clothing, nutritious mid-day meals and unflagging emotional support. Nisha lived at a fair distance from the school; to ensure her safety and regular attendance, the Head Teacher herself would pick up and drop Nisha from her house.

With a solid support system, Nisha started coming to school regularly and her academic performance improved exponentially within a very short span of time. A strong girl child has replaced the timid girl of yesterday. Nisha’s confidence speaks volumes of her progress and paves a direct path to her dream run of running a successful business venture in the future.