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Harjinder’s Courage

Harjinder Kaur, Student, Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Fattubhila, Punjab

“We can bridge any divide with compassion and care”

Harjinder Kaur, Student, Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Fattubhila, Punjab

  • Harjinder’s cousin Amritpal was having behavioural issues in school and the teachers were unable to have a breakthrough with him.
  • Upon further probing, Amritpal confessed that he was being treated badly by his stepmother at home and was unhappy.
  • On learning this, Harjinder spoke to Amritpal’s stepmother and helped resolve the differences between them; making them a happy family after years of difficulties.

A little over a year, ago 14 year old Amritpal had earned the reputation of having an unruly attitude and an unpredictable behaviour. His teachers counselled him from time to time but their efforts were in vain, complaints from his peers continued to pour in. However, beneath this demeanour was a troubled child – Amritpal was being mistreated at home by his stepmother. Unable to hold back his tears, Amritpal confided in his friends, opening up about his stepmother’s sharp tongue, her regular beatings and how he was often made to stay hungry all day as pusnishment for minor mistakes. 

His cousin, Harjinder Kaur attended the same school and heard of his sorry plight. Being a motherless child herself she decided to help Amritpal by appealing to the mother in her Aunt. Harjinder’s repeated attempts to approach her were shot down by her, but Harjinder persisted, finally wearing down the reluctance of her Aunt to allow her to hear her out. Harjinder narrated her own story of loss and pain in the absence of a mother; she explained how difficult it was for a child to face the world without a mother.

Every day Harjinder visited her cousin’s home and showed the reluctant mother how she was really a blessing in disguise for young Amritpal. Slowly but surely a neglecting mother transformed into a caring mother. Harjinder’s gentle nature bore testimony to the fact that love begets love, and the Mother  vowed to treat Amritpal as her own forever Today Amritpal is a happy child, he is better at studies and a great friend to all. Harjinder has shown her peers and her community that through compassion and care can tide over the greatest obstacles.