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Bharti School Of Telecommunication Technology & Management At IIT Delhi

Bharti Foundation in partnership with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi has set up Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management at IIT Delhi. The School has been set up with the vision “to develop telecom leaders through excellence in education and research”.
Over the years the School has emerged as a premier institute in developing ‘Young Telecom Leaders’ that will make India a telecom superpower. The School has been continuously coming up with new programs to maintain a vibrant learning environment since its inception.


  • Partnership : Since Year 2000
  • Donation/Grant : 20 Crores
  • Programs offered : M.Tech, MBA, M.S. (Research), PhD in Telecommunications.
  • Students Benefiting : Around 200 annually, including directly enrolled students as well as associate students from other departments.
  • Infrastructure : Three state-of-the-art laboratories to foster research and excellence in learning
    • Telecom Software Lab
    • Wireless Communications Lab
    • Telecom Networks Lab
    • All classrooms equipped with multimedia projectors

Bharti Merit Awards
The Bharti Merit Awards are given to the top three students of M.Tech ( with focus on Telecommunication Technology and Management) and MBA ( with focus on Telecommunication Systems and Management) at the Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management and recognizes excellence among students. In addition to the awards, the five top performers of MBA are also provided fellowships for a period of ten months.
This year the Awards were presented by Prof. Surendra Prasad, Director, IIT Delhi and Mr. Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation. On the occasion, Mr. Chadda presented a brief overview of the activities of Bharti Foundation and invites students to volunteer at the Satya Bharti School Program. Mr. Chadda inspired the budding leaders by emphasizing that their mission should be to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.

The Airtel Lecture Series
The Airtel Lecture Series held at the Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management aims to provide its students with an environment to learn from the leaders in the industry. Distinguished speakers from the field of telecom and management and senior executives from the Bharti Group of Companies are invited to address the students as a part of the series. The lectures provide the students with an opportunity to interact with the experts in the business, learn from them and also get an insight into the national and international practices of the telecom industry. Each lecture is also followed by a question-answer session and is very popular with the students. Seventeen lectures have been held till date.

Airtel IIT Delhi Center of Excellence in Telecommunication (AICET)
The Airtel IIT Delhi Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (AICET) at IIT Delhi was launched in December 2007.
The Centre came into existence with the signing of a tri-partite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and Bharti Airtel Ltd., during the inauguration ceremony of India Telecom 2008, presided over by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. The AICET is as an integral part of Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management at IIT Delhi campus.
The Airtel IIT Delhi Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications (AICET) focuses on ‘Telecom Technology and Management’ to build excellence at par with world standards. Various existing and emerging technologies, growth prediction and technology adaptation in Indian context, application development using multiple technologies etc form the broad spectrum of activities of the Centre.