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Asma - ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ Campaign


“I want to make a difference in the world, when I grow up I want to heal the sick”

Asma, Satya Bharti Learning Centre, Rin Malar, Rajasthan

  • Belonging to a family of seven, Asma’s education was shrouded by domestic chores at home.
  • Education volunteers were quick to identify Asma and her siblings and enrolled them in Satya Bharti Learning Centre, Rin Malar (Rajasthan).
  • Today, Asma helps her uneducated father with numbers and basic English and continues to show progress at school.

A labourer at a salt production unit, Akki Mohammad is the sole earning member in his family of seven, spending all his earnings in feeding his family, Mohammad was unable to pay for his children’s education. To this effect his four daughters and son had never been to school and instead contributed to running errands and carrying out domestic chores.

It was not long before Asma and her siblings were identified as Out Of School Children (OOSC) by Education Volunteers from Satya Bharti Learning Centre, Rin Malar (Rajasthan). As part of the program’s processes, Education Volunteers met with Mohammad to counsel him, urging him to enroll his children at the Learning Centre. During these visits they learnt that the fear of incurring huge expenses associated with education was the main apprehension harboured by Akki Mohammad, preventing him from enrolling his children in a school.

On learning that the Learning Centre provides age appropriate, remedial learning, completely free of cost; the father’s hard to earn consent was finally won; Asma and her brother were soon enrolled at the Government school where the Centre was being run. With great pride, Asma shares that she is the first female from her family to pursue an education. This ground-breaking girl is extremely enthusiastic about her studies and creating a better future for herself.  Her sincere efforts have begun to pay off as she shows good progress.

Today, her proud father enthuses that she is able to help him find the correct contacts in his mobile phone, for the same task earlier he had to rely on others to help him out. As a responsible member of her community, during community feasts Asma puts her literary skills to good use by confidently reading out the names inscribed on the utensils; returning them to the rightful owners.

Asma’s winning persona and generous attitude has earned her the trust and respect of the entire community of Rin Malar Education has created unparallel awareness in Asma and out of concern for the poor health of the people in her village she is working hard towards her dream of becoming a nurse one day and serving her community.