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Anmolpreet - The Torchbearer

Anmolpreet, Alumnus, Satya Bharti School, Jalaldiwal, Punjab

With an equal focus on academics and co-curricular activities at school I am set towards my dream career in Hockey

Anmolpreet, Alumnus, Satya Bharti School, Jalaldiwal, Punjab

  • Even though Anmolpreet was a labourer’s daughter, her father had the will to educate her at Satya Bharti School, Jalaldiwal.
  • Anmolpreet transformed from a shy girl to an athletic girl who excelled at sports, especially Hockey.
  • Her Hockey training led to Anmolpreet being selected as a resident student at the prestigious Mata Jaswant Kaur Memorial Academy, where she receives special training to hone her skills and chase her dreams of representing the country.

Despite being a daily-wage labourer with limited resources, Anmolpreet’s father, Gurnam Singh harboured a strong desire to send his daughter to school. On hearing of the quality education being provided at Satya Bharti School, Jalaldiwal (Punjab) and that too completely free of cost, Singh immediately applied at the school for his daughter’s admission.

Like many new students, Anmolpreet was an introvert initially. Gradually she began to blossom under the patient care and sound guidance of her Satya Bharti School teachers. She soon grew confident and shared her keen interest for sports with her teachers. Upon hearing this, her Head Teacher sought her out and encouraged her to participate in all games of her interest, guiding her with the right techniques on a regular basis.

Very soon her prowess in hockey became evident as she wielded the stick like an extension of her own arm. The school teachers got together and sought the pro bono services of a coach in the village who agreed to provide free coaching to Anmolpreet and her friends after school hours.  Anmolpreet began to train rigorously for the next two years. With her inherent skill for Sports and an outstanding ability in hockey she was soon hailed as the ‘little champ of the Jaladiwal’! She was selected as a resident student at the prestigiuos Mata Jaswant Kaur Memorial Academy in Muktsar, Badal (Punjab), where she receives special training to hone her skills in hockey as well as devote time to her studies.

Spurred by the first recognition that she got while representing her school at the Cluster level and winning medals for her team, today she continues to show her prowess in hockey during tournaments, winning streak at several District and State level competitions and setting a stellar example for girls in her community.

Story sourced by:
Ms. Amanjot Kaur,
Head Teacher