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Angoori’s Determination

Angoori, Student, Satya Bharti School, Jyona, Farrukhabad

Studying is my path from darkness to light

Angoori, Student, Satya Bharti School, Jyona, Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh

  • Angoori and her two elder brothers lost their parents four years ago, when they could barely fend for themselves. They now live with their ageing grandmother in the remote rural district of Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Despite her grievances and financial struggles, Angoori amazes all her teachers with her exemplary academic performance and continues to be an inspiration for other girls in the village going through trying times.

At the tender age of 9, when other children frolic and play, little Angoori single-handedly runs the household and also cares for the three members of her family. Driven by her dream to study and achieve the impossible, Angoori leaves no stone unturned in completing her chores at home so that she can focus on her studies when she gets to school every day.

The family of four survives on the meagre income of Angoori’s eldest brother who ekes out a living by working as a daily-wage labourer, earning just enough to feed the family. Despite such trying circumstances at home, Angoori doesn’t cease to amaze her teachers with her tenacity and sheer grit as she complete all her chores and classwork with finesse and grace. There are times when she reaches school late, held back by a pressing domestic chore, but her ready wit and bright smile lend her the undying support of her teachers and peers as they bring her up to speed, always encouraging her to attend classes and never give up on her dreams.

Angoori has already won several certificates and prizes at her school for her excellent performance in academics as well as co-curricular activities. She is a role model for so many other girls in her village who struggle with difficult circumstances and come so close to giving up. Seeing Angoori smile even in the most challenging fronts, serves as an inimitable source of inspiration to the girls of Jyona.