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My experience interacting and learning with children in government schools supported by the Quality Support Program

My experience interacting with the children in the government schools supported by Bharti’s QSP has been eye-opening. I was initially shocked by how happy the children were with everything in their school. It was amazing seeing the children make use of every aspect of their school activities from the sports equipment to participating in clubs. I don’t believe there was a single child that I interviewed that was not part of a sports team or had not taken part in competitions which illustrates how engag...

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Students in Amritsar initiate road safety project, repair road with help from community members!

The road connecting the villages of Jharunangal and Dhulka in District Amritsar, Punjab had deteriorated such that it was the cause of several road accidents. Unexpected pot-holes and ditches on the road had caused spinal injuries, hip dislocations and broken bones. Satya Elementary School, Dhulka had also been noticing a steady decline in attendance rates, all due to the ill condition of the road. Monsoons made the road completely unusable, further exacerbating the situation.

The menace caused by the faulty road, however, did n...

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School students in UP educate village women about consumer rights!

The residents of Jyouna village in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh, due to lack of education and widespread illiteracy, were facing several challenges, including unemployment, lack of sustainable livelihoods, and being defrauded by middle-men or vendors. The villagers were not aware of the concepts of maximum retail price, the manufacturing and expiry dates of products, the true value of their crops, etc. This often led to them being cheated of their fair remuneration.

The students of Bharti Foundation's Satya Bharti School, Jyouna...

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Students in Kargil build school's boundary wall with plastic bottles, win Design for Change award!

Children can and will change the world if given a chance!

Four students from Army Goodwill School in Kargil have built their school’s boundary wall using plastic bottles. The school campus being located adjacent to the main road, young children were exposed to considerable danger.

The need of putting the protective fence around the school arose during one of the school meetings when the senior students raised concerns around the safety of the newly enrolled students as well as loss of sports material while playing cricket, ...

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